by Derk Steemers

Frédéric Helding is a Digital Transformation Manager for the Healthcare Sector at Proximus. His business relies on TAKTIK’s Flowr and Ozone software suites for the solutions and services they offer their clients.

“TAKTIK helps us define our digital tv, streaming, content management, wayfinding, queue management, and smart signage solutions. We use that both for our clients, like NATO, hotels, hospitals, and internally.”

A continuing relationship

Mr Helding started working with TAKTIK about 6 years ago at a previous job when they were looking for a partner to develop something new. “TAKTIK had the right technology to scale a product, plus they looked towards the future.”

Proximus partnered with TAKTIK around the same time and continues to do so today. “The commitment of TAKTIK to get results is crucial. If we sell anything related to TAKTIK, no matter how complex, I know that it will work and be delivered on time. That is very important to us.”

Now at Proximus he continues to work with TAKTIK on a regular business. “We have a specialised business unit here for digital media. Almost everything they do is based on TAKTIK technologies.” These business units work in a wide variety of industries. Whereas Fréderic Helding specialises in the healthcare sector, other business units deal with clients such as the international institutions and those in the hospitality sector.

Find out how Frederic Helding and Proximus can offer their healthcare clients the latest technologies through their partnership with TAKTIK.

Posted by TAKTIK on Friday, 8 December 2017

Building on each other’s expertise

In order to stay ahead of the competition and keep setting the standards, Proximus needs a software partner. ”You need a good software partner. A television is not just a screen anymore, it is a communication display, and not everyone can offer the software that enriches the user’s experience. The difference, the added value, comes from the software and how fast that software can grow with all the new trends that pop up. You have to be able to integrate social media, new forms of communication, and nowadays the Internet of Things. A television or a computer has become a means of communication. Because we need to be able to manage, convert, and exchange all that data, the value lies in the software that allows you to do that best.”

The partnership with TAKTIK has supplied Proximus with that ability. “We are closing the gap, as it were, through our collaboration. By ourselves we can’t keep up with all of the latest technologies, products, applications, or API’s for all of the solutions related to end-user devices. We work together with Apple, Samsung, LG, and things are moving fast in our line of work. As an integrator we need the flexibility and agility of a strong local partner to offer us the newest possible solutions for our customers.”

Trust and technology

But like any successful partnership the relationships goes much further than just technological know-how. It is also about trust and enjoying working together. “Let’s say that we would need extra resources for a roll out, then I am sure that the people at TAKTIK will make sure that we have those resources. Plus, it is just really fun to work with them, even during the pre-sales stage.”

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