by Derk Steemers

TAKTIK is the first company in the world to successfully deploy a program on the new Tizen platform.

Flowr, TAKTIK’s flagship IPTV solution, is now running at the soon to be openend Chirec hospital in Belgium.

Samsung’s Tizen operating system

Tizen is Samsung’s multi-purpose operating system and runs on all of the company’s smart and IoT devices. The operating system was designed to give users a flawless experience on all devices. Both professionally and at home.

The healthcare sector relies heavily on technology and has the most to gain from this type of multi-device innovation. This is why the newly built Delta Chirec hospital in Belgium chose to take the lead in digital transformation and is the first to deploy the Tizen operating system. With the help of Tizen and Flowr its devices now communicate flawlessly and securely with each other. Allowing doctors and patients alike to use multiple devices simultaneously.

As Joseph Carminati, Senior Account Manager at Samsung and display specialist puts it: “Chirec, through their partnership with Proximus, has proven again its drive for innovative solutions for its new state-of-the-art Delta hospital. The new patient infotainment created by Taktik is also the world first Hospitality IPTV installation based on Samsung’s latest ground-breaking Tizen platform. This is a Belgian milestone, from the heart of Europe, we can be proud of.”

Our Flowr IPTV installation at the Chirec Delta Hospital is the first application in the world to be deployed on Samsung’s new Tizen Operating System. http://bit.ly/2ALuWPq

Posted by TAKTIK on Friday, 1 December 2017

Installing Tizen at the Chirec Delta Hospital

“This particular project was very complex. All the specific needs and high standards that come with such a large hospital made it a challenging project,” says TAKTIK quality manager Matthias Vercruysse.

One of these needs and high standards was security. In order to safeguard patient data and keep the operating system secure the parties integrated Verimatrix. ”Security and privacy are important aspects of our work,” says TAKTIK CEO Antonio Di Natale “Guaranteeing both are essential to the success of any implementation, especially in healthcare.”

The Chirec Delta hospital will open its doors in the coming days and patients will be able to use the new Flowr Tizen installation right away.

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